Wargame 1942

Developer: Looki Publishing GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, war, world, arm, Wargame 1942, Second World War, h, the, i


Take charge of your own city while doing the work of an army commander. You are in the middle of the Second World War, and you have to protect your people and your military base from enemy attacks.

In the online game Wargame 1942 you must live the difficult times of the Second World War. Along your adventure in this strategy game of construction you will meet many other players around the world who, just like you, are trying to survive in this difficult environment, and gradually acquire great power. The best way to advance in Wargame 1942 is to steadily develop your city and your base.

In Wargame 1942 you will find a wide variety of buildings to construct throughout your territory. Aircraft and weapons factories, barracks, mines, universities, airports and banks, are just some of the buildings available to build in your city. In your base you can keep track of everything that happens, manage incomes and outcomes, direct investigations for new technologies, and design a powerful army.

From your base in Wargame 1942 you can create powerful partnerships with many online players around the world. Create your own alliance or join one already made and enjoy the great benefits, such as creating major trade networks with other users, working together to find ways to expand the territory, and helping each other in case of an attack.

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