Tribal Wars

Developer: InnoGames GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, middle ages, world, war, h, tribal wars, the, empire


Build your own medieval empire from a small village and fight for glory against players of the entire world, who will have the same objective as you.

With Tribal Wars you'll be able to travel in time and live incredible adventures in the Middle Ages. In this browser-based game you'll be the leader of a small village and your quest will be to take it to the highest level. This quest will not be easy, but with your hard work and effort and your capabilities as a leader, you'll turn this small village into a powerful reign.

Collect items to develop your village by exploring the vast map of Tribal Wars, in which you'll find all kinds of items that will help you in the expansion of your empire. In this strategy game you can also join other players and increase your number of available resources, which will help you construct all types of buildings. Each building you construct will bring different kinds of benefits for you and your villagers, and all of them feature level upgrading.

As your village grows, it will attract the attention of neighbouring reigns, so beware because they'll wait for the right moment to attack you and take over your riches; therefore, it's vital for you to count with a powerful army. With the construction of the right buildings you will be able to build and train your own army that will defend your village from hostile menaces.

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