The Settlers Online

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, middle ages, online, world, The Settlers Online


Build your village, collect goods and learn to market them. Confront anyone who crosses your path and make your way through this great world.

You start with a small area where you must go slowly and build what could become a whole empire. Take advantage of all the elements that the earth offers, in order to produce and market products that will serve to develop your village. In The Settlers Online each of these items offers unique options to grow your territory and improve the life of the people living in it. The constant supply of new items will be the key of the development of your people.

Advance through the great map of The Settlers Online, and discover new places to expand your land taking advantage of the various assets that each area offers. But beware; you will not be the only one with this objective. You will have to fight with rival gangs that seek to prevent you from accomplishing your mission at all costs.
Interact with your friends and expands the possibilities that The Settlers Online offers you. Through your list of friends you can exchange goods.

The more friends you add, the bigger the chance to buy the products you need most. Share your experiences with other users through the Game Chat.

Venture into these exciting online games that The Settlers Online offers. See all available options and take on those who attempt to invade your territory, in order to convert this small village into a whole empire.


The Settlers Online: Start building

For all of you who are starting to play this great game and look a bit lost by the large number of things to keep in mind when developing your villas in this game, here are a couple of tips and tricks:

Since the characters of The Settlers carry goods to stores closer, a good technique would be to build a production building as close as possible to one of the reserves, which will get better products in less time.

Build efficiently, an important point in this game is to obtain resources, so it is appropriate that the villagers who bring materials for processing delay as soon as possible to do their jobs. A useful strategy is to place the buildings around the store, but instead of putting another one just about perfectly, better get them as bricks, so that a building is between one and another, and earn valuable seconds at a time to get resources.

Keep a long way around each building is really nasty when you do not realize you have some buildings and blocking the passage of your workers and other structures that greatly slows the flow of resources.

The place where you have to build your castle is vital, must be near the mountains, as you will need many mines throughout the game, especially when you need to strengthen you later militarily.

And that's all for now, good luck becoming a ruler effective!

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