Terra Militaris

Developer: Suzhou Snail Digital Technology Co.

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, old, Terra Militaris, Egyptians, Roman, Chinese, Persians, online, multiplayer, MMO, MMORTS, the, empire, war


Travel to ancient times, where four of the largest empires in history, Romans, Chinese, Persians and Egyptians clash in a huge war for control of the territory.

Terra Militaris is an online game in which you can test your skills as a strategist and start your own empire in the ancient era. Four nations are fighting for the control of the world in this game (the Romans, the Chinese, the Persians and the Egyptians) and you must choose one of these factions to defend throughout the game. Once you've made your choice, you can begin your long road towards power and glory and add a few more pages to the history books.

Forging alliances with several large armies, gives you more opportunities to emerge victorious in this war. Take charge of your own army and guide it to victory through intense and bloody battles with other players. With each victory your men will gain more and more experience, which will make your army more powerful and more difficult to defeat. Invade rival territories and increase the development of your people.

Choose up to three brave heroes to fight against any of the four nations. With good training, the use of special weapons and increasing their skills, the heroes gain more experience, which will make them much more powerful on the battlefield.

Construct buildings characteristics of each nation, and give your people a unique look. Terra Militaris has amazing graphics and a great play style, which will offer you many hours of entertainment.

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