Supremacy 1914

Developer: Bytro Labs

Category: Strategy

Tags: games, strategy , online strategy , mmo , mmorpg , multiplayer games , Risk , Europe , supremacy , role , Supremacy 1914, community


Supremacy 1914 is a real-time strategy set into year 1914 in which groups of up to 30 players battle for several weeks to get the control over Europe. This is both military and diplomatic confrontation so you got to master both to achieve victory.

The game takes place in Europe in the first decade of twentieth century. Detailed graphics makes the player feel like he is really in 1914 and takes all these important decisions for his nation.

Supremacy 1914 is a game that combines military strategy with political and economical tactics where the player will be in charge of his nation and will battle for dominance over Europe.

Rules for movement of troops are very similar to the popular board game Risk, although Supremacy 1914 troops behave more similar to the troops in the actual conflict. These games emphasize strategic skills and players must choose the proper moment to invade, to declare wars or to propose alliances. Surprise attacks are also hallmark of this game.

Supreme graphics of the game may look simple and different from what we usually see in most browser games but it is good enough to create catchy atmosphere. Players’ progress is measured in certain moments in Ranking Points, added as long as player completes objectives and accomplishes and performs different actions.

This game’s community is very active and takes part in the forum. Note that much of the appeal of this game is given by the interaction with other players, so it is advisable to keep in mind potential allies or partners.

Lead your nation and make it the most powerful one in Europe.

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