Space Pioneers 2

Developer: Looki Publishing GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, space, MMO, MMORTS, Space Pioneers 2, the, empire, x


Take a journey to the edge of outer space and build the largest and most powerful empire that has ever existed. Discover new technologies and get ready to fight against any threat.

Space Pioneers 2 is a strategy game where your mission is to build the most powerful empire of the universe. Starting from a small planet you need to find ways to increase its development and to extend its power into space. To achieve this you must go out and explore the territory, to find a lot of resources and technologies that will help you produce various objects. Of course, you are not alone in the universe, so you have to build a large fleet of modern spaceships, and explore the different corners of this online game, where you can expect all kinds of surprises.

Space Pioneers 2 follows the same trend of its predecessor, combining elements of construction, strategy and war through space. Use your skills as the builder and architect of your own planet, where you can construct all kinds of buildings, such as research facilities, mines, production plants and a complex of industrial buildings. In the mines you can find a variety of foreign minerals, gems and other special devices, which you will use for construction or trade with other players in the gaming market.

With the discovery of new technologies, you will build new and better ships, and you can also increase the number of resources and transport them from one place to another. You can even launch surprise attacks against your enemies but remember that the other players of Space Pioneers 2 are also after resources and conquering, so you should always be alert to any impending attack. Do not save on expenses when building an army, because only then can you feel secure as you navigate your way to success.

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