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Category: Strategy

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Become a Roman Emperor with Romadoria, the strategy MMO that takes place in Ancient Rome where you will conquer and expand your borders to the whole discovered world.

In Romadoria, you will have to build a huge capital in the Roma Imperium, manage it, make it safe for citizens and expand your territories as much as possible. You will start game in a small village near to river. As the time will go you will build buildings that allow you to rise up your resources production in order to make your town huge metropolis.

As you can see in in most of games of this genre, to succeed there is needed to reach balance between obtained and spent resources, as well as to coordinate effectively the troops. Defensive soldiers are as important as the attack soldiers, to gain territories and not lose them afterward.

You will also have to use diplmatical and political skills to negotiate and create relationships with other players. The game incorporates a real time chat system to communicate between players, what makes the diplomacy quite effective.

If you played real time strategies before, you will know how to make a good start in Romadoria. If you didn’t, the game includes a tutorial that will help you, so you don’t need to worry.

Shift to Roman Imperium times with this strategy multiplayer game and relive one of the most important eras in the history of human civilization. It is truth that this game is out there for some time already but it has still a lot of fans that know why they return. Do you want to realize why? Then come and play the game.

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