Rise of Mythos

Developer: GameFuse

Category: Strategy

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Get into realm of Rise of Mythos, one of the most complete online games in trading card gender, with several PvE and PvP game options. Protect the city of Silver Heeron Rodge from evil forces or compete against other players in exciting online duels.

This online trading card game formerly known as Kings and Legends has been renewed and renamed to Rise of Mythos. It offers extensive options for fans of the genre: a PvE mode in which players' mission is to protect his city from attack of evil forces and a PvP mode where you can challenge other participants in the Challenge Hall or in the Arena.

In Rise of Mythos you will find 4 kinds of characters. Warriors have the ability to inspire their allies and cause direct damage to enemies. Specialty of Priests is magic and spells that do not serve only to heal and defend allies but also spells that cause damage to opponents. Next heroes – Rangers control the battlefield by poisoning, so that the enemy is gradually weakened. Finally Mages have the ability to take control over enemies minds and force them to fight on your side and ability to enhance your own attacks.

Creatures that you will command come from seven different factions. Humans have attack power and healing skills. Magical beasts are very strong and their attacks are usually powered by lightning or fire. Goblins are experts on counterattacks and weaken their enemies with poisons. Undead have the ability to survive their enemies attacks by absorbing their life force. Halfbloods possess great skills in almost all types of attack and their “animal side” gives them big advantage in battle. Ogres regenerate their wounds and fight back fiercely. Finally, Elves are expert archers and they are excellent at ranged attack and at the use of magic.

Rise of Mythos is an online trading card game, one of the largest and most popular games in the genre, with a classic game mode and very attractive graphics.

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