Developer: Gameforge Productions GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, universe, ogame, h, the, empire, x


Become the master of the universe. Explore the different galaxies on board on your intergalactic spaceship, while discovering new planets to conquer in order to make your own space empire.

OGame is one of the most popular online games in the strategy genre, with a lot of players in the world. After choosing between different universes in the game, start by developing a small planet which you will totally control. With a variety of tasks to be performed, your mission will be to lead your planet to glory.

From the exploration of mines, you can get resources such as metal or crystal and build more spaceships. The production of resources will help you increase your economy and give you access to better options. You will be able to build your own army and to increase the development of your planet.

Travel throughout the cosmos and discover new planets to invade in order to expand the limits of your empire. Similarly, other users will try to get to your planet and loot your resources, so it will be very important to always have a navy capable of withstanding any enemy attack.

Join other OGame players around the world and make powerful alliances that allow you to develop sophisticated trading networks, where you can get the products that you need, through exchanges with your teammates.

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