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Category: Strategy

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After several years of intense battles, it seems that the time has come for the humans, the Noxis and the Terteths to join forces in order to achieve total control of the universe.

After thousands of years of constant wars between the Terteths, the Noxis and the Confederation, composed of human beings, the idea of forming an alliance between the three groups no longer seems absurd. With the world in shambles and the three races divided into small groups fighting each other, the leaders of each nation have decided it is time to create a great empire that can bring back the order once and for all, in addition to gaining access to the precious Supreme Starway, a building capable of providing infinite power and wisdom to anyone who possesses it.

The first thing you should do in Nemexia is choose the race you will belong to and fight for. Each race has different weapons and abilities. The humans have huge ships equipped with weapons of great destructive power. In addition to Titan, the powerful spaceship capable of spraying an entire planet, the Terteths also have powerful shields on their ships. The Noxis do not have as powerful spaceships as their rivals, but their ships are faster and can be produced in larger quantities.

Once on your planet, you must collect resources as metal, gas or minerals, with which you can build a variety of buildings that are available in the game. In addition to these resources, you will always need energy, with which you can not only create, but also improve your buildings. Using solar panels or satellites, you can produce all the energy you need, using the sun as the main source.

In this game just like Travian you can fight battles with other players, or join different alliances and fight for the control of the galaxy alongside users around the world. If you like strategy games, then do not miss the wide variety that we have on our website.

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