My Little Farmies

Developer: Upjers

Category: Strategy

Tags: games, strategy , simulation , multiplayer , farms , mmo , medieval , Middle Ages , history , resources, products , trade, management , My Little Farmies, the


Prove that you are the greatest medieval farmer in My Little Farmies, in a game where you must create and manage a farm, harvest resources and spend them in the best possible way to keep progress.

My Little Farmies is a strategy and simulation game where players take over the role of farmers in Middle Ages, in the era defined by feudalism, shortage of primary resources and where society was mostly rural. In those times managing a farm was a challenging task and for sure it will be challenging also for players of this strategic game.

In My Little Farmies you will have control over whole food production process. You start from getting farmland, planting your plants, later you got to protect the valuable crop from theft and yet later harvest fruit, vegetables, grain, etc.

You will also have to build and maintain stables and corrals to breed farm animals such as pigs, cattle and chickens. To get benefits, you will have to care and protect them.

Besides all of this, you will have to put together also all necessary resources to construct buildings and facilities for processing your crop. Only so you can obtain valuable trade commodities. For example grain can be transformed into flour but you need a mill. You can bake bread from flour but of course you need an oven for that.

My Little Farmies has an intuitive interface that allow you quickly access to different options. Also the graphic quality of the game won’t disappoint you, letting you appreciate the details of your buildings and characters, which will run across your farm while dealing with their tasks.

Explore life on the farm in this historical era full of myths and legends in this simulation game that is full of choices and has superb atmosphere.

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