Developer: XS Software

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, online games, MMO, MMORTS, multiplayer, Managore, the, king, war


Build a great kingdom, gather the bravest warriors and prepare to face the forces of evil. Show off your best skills as a strategist and live great battles in the company of your character.

Embark on this fantastic adventure called Managore where you run your own city, construct various buildings and organize the collection of resources. In these games you will have a character, which must guide you throughout this adventure. Early in the game you must indicate the species of your hero and for that you will have three different options: orcs, elves and the undead. Each of these races has different skills. Some of them are better than others in performing different jobs or in their way of attacking the enemy. But these are not the only species that inhabit the world of Managore, you can also meet creatures and monsters of all kinds living in every corner of this world, and they represent a great danger to you.

In Managore there are a lot of buildings available to build. With about 19 different types of buildings, such as markets, towers or temples, you can shape your kingdom and receive great benefits. But to build, you must have the necessary amount of resources, which play an important role in this game, and this will require the creation of stores which produce gold, wood or food.

In this strategy game you can compete with other players around the world and test your strategic skills against any opponent. Strengthen your hero with the help of different rewards earned, and make him a mighty warrior difficult to defeat.

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