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Category: Strategy

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Travel back to the middle ages, where you can become part of history and build your own kingdom. With good planning and a powerful army, no one can stop you on your way to glory.

Kingsage is an online game of the strategy genre, set in the ancient medieval times. In this game you can test your skills as a strategist and grow a small town, which may eventually become an empire. This task will not be easy, but with patience and a good plan, you can get to control the whole kingdom.

Early in the game you will have a piece of land located in the vast continent of KingsAge, where you will find some people and a small castle, located right in the center. After building mills, quarries and sawmills you can produce and supply various resources, with which you can build a variety of buildings for your city.

The danger is always present in KingsAge, and as your kingdom begins to grow, so will the invasion of foreign enemies. You should always have an army capable of confronting any threat. In the barracks you can train your troops and strengthen them, while your resources and the attention of your enemies grow.

You can also create alliances with other KingsAge players and strengthen the defense of your kingdom, in addition to sharing power supplies and creating huge trade networks. Lead your army into neighboring lands and steal their precious resources, or send your spies to discover what they're up to.

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