Developer: Gameforge Productions GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, middle ages, Ikariam, MMO, MMORTS, multiplayer, dr


How about moving to a beautiful island surrounded by clear waters, where everything is done at your leisure time? Well, that's possible in this funny game, based on ancient times, where you can build the city of your dreams.

Ikariam is a free online game, taking place on a small paradise island, where you can build the city you've always imagined with absolute freedom. With the representative architecture of the time and the excellent graphics, your cities will look like authentic palaces of the ancient era.

What's more, throughout your territory you will find many items that the earth provides for you. Thus, with the collection of raw materials, such as wood, crystal, marble or sulfur, you'll find the resources needed to begin raising your city. There is a large and varied number of buildings available to construct and each building offers different benefits to you and your people.

With the help of your faithful counselors you can find out what's happening in your city. These four assistants will accompany you throughout the game. It will be very important to listen to their advice, because they can facilitate things a lot for you.

After the construction of a commercial port, and the purchase of ships, you will be able to exchange your products with different Ikariam players around the world. With the foundation of an alliance, you can build large trading networks with different users, in addition to the possibility of joining forces to plunder other lands and split the proceeds.

Having a good army, able to resist any enemy threat, will be very important, otherwise, your property and your people will be easy prey for other looters who prowl around.

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