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Category: Strategy

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Transform yourself into a powerful Viking and travel to this world full of myths, legends and mysterious powers. Show what you're made of and claim your place in history by fighting against these powerful warriors.

Travel to the mythical world of Gronenland and live incredible adventures with these wild warriors. Customize the aspect of your Viking by choosing an avatar appearance that has the intimidating look that fits your warrior best. Increase the abilities and characteristics of your warrior according to your needs; for example, if you increase your strength stat your viking will be more powerful; if you increase your physical stat you'll improve your performance and resistance when going into battle; if your increase your intelligence stat you'll be able to take better decisions and increase your magic capabilities.

Take a walk around the village and discover the different places that exist, like the tavern, where you'll find the toughest guys of Gronenland, always willing to fight against whoever gets in their way. Like in many other online games on the market, in Gronenland you'll need money to survive, and a good way to get some is visiting the village's workshops. Once you have enough money, you can visit the village's dealers, that will offer you all types of interesting items like potions, weapons, and armors that will increase your combat capabilities.

Needless to say that in the world of Gronenland you'll not be alone; along your trip you'll find other Vikings in search of glory, just like you. Create powerful alliances by creating guilds and fight hand in hand with players from all over the world.

Explore the vast map of Gronenland and discover the incredible adventures that this strategy game holds for you.

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