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Category: Strategy

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Travel through ancient Greece and fight your way on your path to conquest. Control your own army and build an empire that will be remembered forever.

Grepolis is one of those online games that will transport you to the days of ancient Greece, where your mission is to raise your own empire starting from a small city. Build the city at your own pace, with the various buildings available. Build libraries, theaters, barracks, temples, and more, which will help the development of your people.

Obtaining natural resources will be the first thing you should keep in mind, because that way you can start constructing buildings and armies or invest in the study of science. The more experience you get, the easier it will be to market your resources, even with other players of Grepolis.

Create your own army from different units, both land and naval. As you gain more power, you can benefit with the help of mythological warriors, as pegasus, minotaurs, medusas and cyclops, among others. These creatures will increase the strength of your army, whether by land, sea or air. As in ancient Greece, the role of the gods is very important in this game, and worshipping a god will grant you divine and special powers.

Advance through the extensive map available in Grepolis, and expand your horizons conquering inhospitable land and invading enemies.

Lead your empire as far as you want and spend hours of fun playing, with the huge number of options that are available in this game.


Grepolis: Conquer Greece

Hey, so you're ready to jump into the conquest of Greece? Then pay attention to these tips, you will assist in the future development of your Polis to be the first step to expand your empire.

The first thing you should know is that Grepolis is a game of conquest, so the sooner armes an army better, so you repel the attacks of your neighbors and conquer you. Besides playing beginners have 5 days of protection from attacks with beginner mode.

The solution to prevent looting not make a defensive city, and will consume many valuable resources on building a good defense to have no extra benefit to your polis, or you will advance.

The best defense is a good offense!, The easiest way to get resources is saqueándolos the cities of other players, so keep an army in stable condition and will help you get a lot of resources.

The larger your waves of attacks, more damage will have a greater and less troops lose, so it is advisable before leaving to conquer, amassing an army of a devastating type of troops in one wave of attack.

As you progress in the game, the more specialized are the more effective your cities. It is highly recommended to make optimal constructions dedicated to a major resource in both production and troops. This does not apply to your first city, as you will need many buildings like the Senate to move forward in the game.

The more cities you conquer, the easier it will specialize in them, so it is advisable to bring an offensive game as soon as possible and have more of a city giving you the diversity you need to keep winning.

I hope that this knowledge will be the basis of the formation of your empire in Grepolis.

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