Forge of Empires

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Category: Strategy

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Travel through different eras and build empires that will earn a place in history. Take advantage of resources that you will find in your land in order to survive the ultimate test of time and discover all that this strategy game has to offer.

Forge of Empires is an online game that has different modes - such as the single-player campaign, where you can start creating your small town and, by putting all your skills into practice, become a great conqueror with unlimited power.

You start in Stone Age, where you have to discover elements needed for building a city. Advance through time and grab all necessary resources to build armies and to discover new types of construction that will add the distinctive aspect of each age to your city.

Explore the extensive map of Forge of Empires and collect all found resources. Discover great achievements of humanity and obtain access to unique features, which will help your empire grow. In FoE there are no limits, and with the necessary elements you can take control not only of continents, but even of the whole world.

In the face to face mode you can fight most exciting battles against other armies or challenge your friends and other players in the world, using your tactical and strategical skills. Show what you are made of and confront anyone who gets in your way to deserve your place in history.


Forge of Empires: Luxury Resources

In Forge of Empires luxury products resources are very important such as: wood, wine, marble, limestone, etc.. On these products as we move forward we will find bonuses by the provinces, so here we will give some tricks to get more of these resources.

It is very important that we produce only those resources that we know we have subsidized. Since this is a production bonus material will give 5 units of that resource, if they have only one bonus will be waiting for 4 hours.

Help other players, will acquire some of these items as a reward for helping other players.

Pillage your enemies, defeat other players and loot their cities, you should loot the buildings was adequate to the building you want to build.

You get some reward for your help in the construction of large buildings built by other players, you have to give a lot of resources to ensure being the best helper to get this reward.

You can also change any number of luxury goods that have duplicates, is always changing at a rate two to one, so make sure you have enough to exchange for the desired good. To make the change you open the menu construction of large buildings and select the items you want to sell and click share.

And remember you can always use diamonds to buy one if you own any of these goods.

We hope this mini guide has been helpful, good luck!

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