Empire Universe 2

Developer: Looki Publishing GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, war, re, h, the, dr, i, empire


Become a peaceful diplomat or a dangerous space pirate and build a powerful empire. Defend your honor and fight against hundreds of enemies throughout the universe.

Empire Universe 2 is an online game created by Next Idea, and it's a strategy game. Packed with excitement and action elements, Empire Universe 2 surpasses by far its predecessor.

When you start your adventure in the world of Empire Universe 2, you'll have to choose between becoming a friendly diplomat or following the wild military path. No matter what you choose, you'll have to confront gamers from throughout the world that will fight for their honor at whatever the cost.

Without any doubt, war is the most important element in this strategy game, and you'll find many types of combats for the nine types of races that are always fighting one against the other. Apart from this, you'll enjoy the enormous amount of space shuttles that fly around this universe. In Empire Universe 2 you'll be able to design your spaceship, decide its aspect and choose the functions it will have.

You'll also find a vast amount of weaponry and different constructions that you can build in your own planet. As in many other online games, in Empire Universe 2 it's vital to collect the greatest possible amount of resources, as well as go scouting in search of new technology; this way, you'll quickly turn into a galactic pirate.

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