Goodgame Empire

Developer: Goodgame Studios

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, middle ages, re, go, goodgame, h, Goodgame Empire


Build your own empire with this amusing and colorfull strategy game. Take control of your city and manage it as you like; your aim is to take your city as far as possible.

Imagine having the incredible opportunity of becoming the leader of an entire city, where you can dictate the rules and decide all to your flavour; like the idea? In Goodgame Empire your dream will come true. In this online game you'll not only design the city to your liking, but also create such a powerful army that your neighbours will think twice before attacking you.

In Goodgame Empire you'll start with a small castle, from which you'll have to plan the building of your empire. A good empire must be based on a strong economy, and the best way to make money flow is to exploit the numerous resources that you'll find in your lands. Once you have enough resources you'll be able to produce money and the necessary materials to build constructions, as well as building your army.

Creating an army will be one of the first things that you'll have to do, making sure you have always the right amount of divisions to, not only defend your territory, but invade others as well, in order to expand your borders. In Goodgame Empire you'll be able to interact with hundreds of players all over the world, that are trying to get as far as they can as well. Create powerful alliances with other players, where not only you'll get to know new people, but also count with the endorsement of your allies when you are in danger.

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