Dragons of Atlantis

Developer: KABAM, INC

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, middle ages, log, go, Dragon, arm, h, the, empire, DRAGONS


Build a powerful empire, train your own dragon and create powerful alliances with fantastic mythological characters. Fight against other armies in immense battles full of action, and prove to be the best.

More than 70,000 years ago, the Earth was going through one of it's worst periods. The different ancient tribes lived in constant war, one against the other, what made them search for the powerful dragons's help. Now the tribes are fighting for survival, with the help of fantastic creatures that live on these lands, as giants, centaurs, or minotaurs, among others.

Dragons of Atlantis is a free online game, located in the ancient land of Atlantis, the lost city. Your mission in this game will be to create an empire from a small town, where you must prove your abilities both as a leader and a strategist.

Dragons play a very important role in Dragon of Atlantis, and you'll even be able to have one of your own. At the beginning, your dragon will be a small creature that you'll have to take care of, but as time goes by and with the right kind of training, your small pet will turn into a powerful beast that will help you to defend your territory when it's threatened.

As you increase your wisdom, you'll be able to improve your dragon, your buildings and your army.

Team up with other players and enlarge the number of your troops while you enjoy breathtaking battles with your friends.

The available options in Dragons of Atlantis are enormous, between characters, buildings, and dragons, so you'll have plenty of fun while building your own empire in this fantasy world. Investigate other strategy games of ours, like Forge of Empires.

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