Desert Operations

Developer: Playzo GmbH

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, war, Desert Operations, world, h, the, dr, empire


Become the leader of an entire city and build a mighty empire with which you can confront hundreds of players around the world. The struggle for power and for the world´s resources has begun.

Dessert Operations is an amazing online game produced by Next Idea. In this game you will find a huge number of options, which has made it popular with thousands of players around the world.

Basically the game is based on a huge variety of strategy elements, and you must develop your skills, and the use of diplomacy and alliances, in order to advance in the world of Desert Operations.

To appear on the map in this game of strategy and to be able to compete with the large number of opponents, it is extremely necessary to pay attention to the development of your city. Only this way you will be able to confront any threat that is looming. One of the key points along this strategy game will be to increase your influence, which you can achieve forming powerful alliances and fighting in different wars.

Discover the wide range of possibilities to create a partnership, either with friends or with other players from Desert Operations around the world, and compete in intense battles against any enemy. Send spies into enemy cities, and discover what your opponents are planning, so that you can go ahead and make the first attack.

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