Call of Gods

Developer: Aeria Games

Category: Strategy

Tags: games, online, browser, MMO, MMORTS, strategy, buildings, hero, army, defensive, offensive, sacrifice, combat, factors, features, experience, points, role, RPG, Call of Gods, the, king


Build your kingdom in Call of Gods, a strategy game with RPG features where you will find a mix of medieval strategy and fantasy. Pick your hero, fight in dungeons and expand you kingdom further than the horizon!

Call of Gods is a real time strategy game that takes you to Medieval Ages, where you will have to manage an entire kingdom and try to expand your influence to get as much profit as possible. There are three races in Call of Gods that will fight for supremacy: humans, elves and undead.

As in other games of this genre, you will have to build and upgrade the main buildings, but the success or failure of your adventure depends on other factors. For example, your Heroes: the kind of heroes that you recruit and how you command them will be the key to how the game develops. You will have to assign them units, so they can have their own army. There are several kinds of heroes: white, green, blue, purple and orange. Some of them are defensive and some are offensive, so you will have to take into consideration the strategy you want to keep when you choose them. In case you don’t need a hero anymore, you can sacrifice him to transfer his skills to another hero.

The battle system is a little complex and depends on several factors, like heroes and soldier skills, classes of both of them, attack modes, defense modes, vitality, agility or precision… You will have to take into consideration all these factors to assign the units that fix better to them to your heroes. Besides PvP battles, the game has a system of PvE campaigns that allow you to win Experience Points, upgrade your equip and explore territories.

Call of Gods is a real-time strategy game with role game features which you can find, for example, in customization of heroes and troops. If you like both genres, this game is a big option.

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