Developer: Marvelous USA

Category: Strategy

Tags: games, multiplayer, mmo, mmorts, space, strategy, humans, war, ships, commanders, Solar System, galaxies, BattleSpace, the, dr


Discover this new space strategy adventure where humans, aliens and androids fight for survival in the Metagalactic Era. There’s no resources left in The Solar System and interracial war, called "artemachia", will determine the fate of mankind.

The Earth has been destroyed and humans have to invest all their forces in developing technology to explore new galaxies and planets to colonize. However, other species such as androids and aliens are also involved in this struggle for survival. Space Battle is a multiplayer real- time strategy game ( MMORTS ) that plunges you into a futuristic adventure .

In this game, you will control four levels of maps. The colonies map enables you to establish your buildings, build ships, research and apply your troops inside your colony. On the map of the world, you can improve your resources and build satellites. A map at a higher level, the Solar System , is set to move through the planets of your system. The world’s map lets you scroll through all BattleSpace systems and explore the resources of each one of them.

In terms of development, you have to start from scratch, creating your characters first, building the ships in your fleet and organizing your troops around the figure of the commander. Please note that each fleet requires a commander, so that the more commanders you have, the more expeditions you can perform at the same time. Take this into consideration to increase your chances in conquest.

BattleSpace has a reward system that allows players to participate in a competition to get into the rankings. To do this, players form unions, alliances fighting each other for supremacy. The prizes are distributed according to the Union 's performance in battles and the number of members. However, if a player prefers to form an alliance alone, can do it: the game will be more difficult but rewards are greater.

This is a classic strategy game that is made to multiplayer mode, with a wide range of options for both experienced players and those who make their first foray into the genre.

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