Battle Dawn

Developer: Tacticsoft Ltd

Category: Strategy

Tags: browser games, strategy, online games, world, arm, h, the, Battle Dawn, empire


Things on Earth are not going well, and only you can create an empire that unites the world again. Start with a small city and build a great nation and a powerful army.

The strategy game Battle Dawn will put you to the test in this great challenge to build your own empire from scratch. Apart from this, you'll have to build your own army, that will serve you not only to defend your territory from menace, but to fight whoever stands up to your aim of conquer and glory as well.

To start to build your own empire, you'll have to collect a great amount of resources that are dispersed all over the map, like metal or oil. At the beginning it is very important to construct new buildings to store and process the different materials that you go finding. Once you have sufficient resources,you'll be ready to build your own army.

In Battle Dawn there are all types of dangers, that is why you will count with a great number of options to build your army, because you never know what your enemies will plan against you. Designing a good combat strategy will be of vital importance, because it will help you defeat your enemies, conquering their lands and resources.

Battle Dawn is divided into different worlds, and each one of them counts with a different game mode. In this game the turns are called

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