Atlantica Online

Developer: Ndoors

Category: Strategy

Tags: downloadable games, strategy, role-playing games, MMORPG, online, Atlantica Online, h, ', the, empire, king


Confront all types of opponents and prove what you are made of. The more powerful you grow, the further you'll get, until you become the supreme king of the whole empire.

Atlas Online is a downloadable game that implements a novel gameplay system in which you'll be able to recruit up to 18 soldiers that will accompany you along your journey on this online game. Live amazing battles in which you'll have to choose different combat tactics to defeat your enemies. Each battle in Atlantica Online willl be completely different from one another, that is why you'll find a wide array of available tactics to try in your battles. By studying the movements of your opponent, and discovering it's weak points, you'll be able to find the right combat strategy that will take you to victory; but you won't have much time to decide, so you must master all the tactics before entering a battle so that you can choose the best one at the right moment. Emerging victorious from a battle will not only burst your soldier's strength, but will burst your abilities as well, growing a stronger warrior.

Atlantica Online, a role-playing game, counts with a huge amount of followers all over the world, with which you will be able to interact in epic battles and prove your abilities while becoming the strongest warrior of all. To make it more interesting, there is a betting system that will reward the winner not only with pride.

In this online game it is also possible to create guilds and nations. By building a guild you'll be able to discover hidden secrets and create all types of items. Once you become the most powerful of your guild, you will even be able to take charge of entire cities; this won't be easy, as you'll have to create a urban area where your people can live and construct buildings, as well as developing a powerful trade system and other important services.

Become a powerful king, protect your land from invaders and take your city as far as you can get.

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