Anno Online

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

Category: Strategy

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Revive the Middle Ages directly in your browser. Build cities in the Middle Ages architecture's style and take control over the citizens.

Anno Online is a free online game, what means that no download will be necessary to start enjoying this simulation game on your browser. Start with a small island and you'll have the opportunity to create your own city and design it to your taste with the different types of constructions available, while controlling all that happens with your citizens. Take your city as far as you want by expanding your territory along the map.

The graphic structure, as well as the gameplay mechanics, are based on Anno 1404's ones, although presenting some differences from the famous franchise game . Being an online game, you'll be able to interact with players from all over the world, by swapping items or by playing the cooperative mode.

A faithful recreation of the different ages of history, as well as a realistic economic simulator, are the typical landmarks of the Anno series games, and Anno Online is no exception. With huge lands to build constructions in, you'll be able to configure your territory with over 120 different types of available buildings, and build more than 800 constructions per city.

Like it happens in other games as The Settlers Online, improving the quantity of resources is fundamental for turning your city into an empire. Equally important it is to listen to your citizens and satisfy their needs, so that their happiness is improved and they thus increase their production rate, what will at the same time attract new people to your territory. As your city grows, the quests will become more complicated, and the citizens needs will be more demanding. You decide how to manage your territory and which will be your priorities.

By building ships, you'll be able to explore the vast map in search of new territories, as well as new resources. The development of a new island will be a great challenge.

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