1100 AD

Developer: Amber Games

Category: Strategy

Tags: strategy games, online strategy games, mmo, MMORTS, empire, medieval Crusades, 1100 AD, h, the


Build your empire and become a medieval feudal lord in 1100 AD - an online strategy game set into crusades of twelfth century. Join the conquest of Jerusalem!

1100 AD is a strategy game completely accessible from your browser. Your goal is to become the most powerful feudal lord of Holy Land. You will start by creating your kingdom and it will depend on obtaining resources and setting up a strong army to thrive. Investing into buildings like farms and markets will allow you to get more resources, but you will need to invest also into barracks, workshops and soldiers, so you can protect your stronghold.

One of the most important game elements is the hero. Improving his skills can give you number of advantages in logistics, weapons, dispatch of your troops or effectiveness of your defense.

The next items to consider are primary resources. You have to install and improve the constructions that generate resources that allow you to gain wealth, gradually build your stronghold, recruit troops and increase the population by building farms.

To have a good army, you need to build stables and barracks. Your army is also important, while only so you can resist attacks from marauding enemies (you can recognize them because they are marked by a red flag).

Vassalage relationships are also very important in 1100 AD. There are “diplomatic exchanges” between players who are in a vulnerable situation and decide to pay a heavy tribute to stronger players in return for their protection.

To succeed in 1100 AD, you have to be an excellent manager of your resources and keep balance between investments into your hero, army, resources obtaining, troops and political relations with other players.

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