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If you're all passionate about football and every weekend you shout to the TV while watching your team play, then this game will be just what you need.

There are millions of games of football where you do stunts on the field and score goals, but if you want to go a little further and control everything that happens within the field and outside it, Online Football Manager is what you were looking after. In this online game you will take on the role of the coach of a team, so you will be able to choose the starting lineup, as well which one is best for each game. In addition, you will be the man in charge of organizing the various aspects related to the team, as sign or sell players, enlarge the capacity of your stadium, control the finances of the club and select a sponsor among many other things.

The goal of the game is to lead your team to the highest and win as many trophies as possible. In order to achieve it, you will have to prepare your team, and the best way to do so is with a good workout. In OFM you can design your own workout plan and work on your team's weaknesses for improving your results. Once in the field, you can try different formations until you find the one that best suits your style of play.

Online Football Manager has several leagues, where you can play full seasons with players around the world, looking to get the most points that allow you to put yourself in the higher positions of the classification. To fight for the championship you should have the best players -you can always go to the transfer market to acquire new ones, or just get rid of those which are not in the height of your desires. But if you are not a compulsive shoper, then you can always fall back to the farm team and looking among your own young people the upcoming stars of the future.

Get ready for the new season and live soccer for real thanks to Online Football Manager.

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