Korner 5

Developer: Playdat

Category: Sports

Tags: Korner 5, MOBA, free-to-play, football, MMO, IDC/Games, sports, customization, player, football field, team kit, accessories, items, friends, game modes, classics, power ups, boosters, multiplayer, unusual.


Play now for free the football MOBA you were waiting for! Korner 5 is a fun and innovative game in which you are a football player and you can play with your friends in exciting online championships. Whether you are a football fan or not, you will have a great time!

Korner 5 bets on a different kind of football game: a free-to-play MMO-MOBA in which you can create and customise your football player to take part in online live matches, from a brand new perspective: the camera is behind the player, so it’s like actually being on the football field.

Create your star player and customise your team kit, status and appearance, items, funny accessories… Your character will be unique! Choose every detail and have fun with all possible combinations.

Regarding game modes, you can decide if you prefer classical matches, with traditional football rules, different challenges by team or even play with boosters or power-ups: they will give your character special features, like in arcade games.

Besides multiplayer game modes, you can search for new friends in public chat rooms or discuss the match strategies with your teammates. Create a winner strategy with the rest of your team! You can compare yourself with your opponents in players' rankings: reach a top position and you will be a leading light.

We’re looking at a game with an unusual gameplay. It promises hours of fun with friends and opposites, with a sense of humor and a brand new perspective we are not used to find at sport games.

Check out our latest video review here:

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