Basket Dudes

Developer: Bitoon Games

Category: Sports

Tags: downloadable games, sports, basket games, BasketDudes, h, the, ball, i, king, Basket Dudes


Follow the footsteps of the great basketball stars like Michael Jordan or LeBron James, and demonstrates your magic on the boards making all kinds of baskets and dunks.

BasketDudes is an online game where you can join a basketball team and show your skills in the most exciting matchs. Discover incredibles game modes, ranging from single games to intense tournaments where you can accumulate points to improve the skills of your team -like jumping and endurance- or correct your weakest points. You can also spend your points buying players.

BasketDudes is not a typical basketball game, and its creators have left the seriousness aside to provide a title full of humor and fun details. A prove of that is the very different items you can purchase to edit your players, like tattoos, extravagant hairstyles, and all kinds of funny things.

The wide variety of players in each team is why BasketDudes stands out from other games. Each one of the players have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to get to know each of your staff members and discover which is the strategy that most suits your team. Maybe you are a very defensively team, or maybe you should chose a more agressive game attacking from the very first minute. You can give all the responsibility of the team's star player too, if that's what you want.

Each team will be comprised by five players on the stave, as well as two more that will be waiting on the bench. During the exciting matches of this sports game you can do all sorts of movements to dodge your opponents, as well as 3-point shots and dunks. Enter to the BasketDudes lobby and test your skills facing players all around the world. They will be seeking to lead their teams to the highest rank too.

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