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Meeting the world's most attractive animals and give them a home on your own zoo, where visitors can come to have fun while appreciating the beauty of these creatures while you earn money.

Have fun while you take charge of your own zoo in ZooMumba. Bring all the animal s to your zoo and give them a living space according to their needs. Build different houses and see how your zoo develops.
Animals are the most important part of a zoo, and your mission will be to make them feel as comfortable as possible, so you'll have to make them feel at their natural habitat. Once this is done we can move on to the fun task of getting new people to our park in this online game.

Playful monkeys, rabbits hopping or huge elephants are just some of the many species you can find in the pet shop. Be sure to buy a kind of each gender, so may have offspring that will increase the number of residents in your zoo.

It is very important to keep your animals happy; paper them, feed them, bathe them, give them drink and play constantly with them and so you will ensure that your animals are always in a good mood. In the shop you will find everything you need, such as food or drugs of any kind to use when your animals are sick.

Do not forget to keep your zoo always clean, so more customers can visit. Build different buildings and positions that will increase customer happiness and your level in zoometer of ZooMumba.


ZooMumba: Director of zoo

If you like animals and entertains you care and management, ZooMumba is your game, but to be a good director of a zoo, you should follow these tips:

Animals, At first it is very convenient to handle the initial resources, so it is highly recommended from the game with the lowest animals you find, there will be time later to get exclusives.

You get the souvenir shops as soon as possible, the shops will be a constant source of income whenever you log back into the game, so you can quickly get more animals.

Try to always have a panda reserve pence for managing your zoo, that is, to feed your animals.

Efficiently use your money, if you visit many times a day the game can build cheap buildings and collect many times the profits they generate. If, however, you can not enter the game many times, it will be advisable to make construction expensive, so you get more money every time you collect (which will be a few times a week).

Keep your zoo clean, try to be methodical and at each visit you make to your zoo, clean, and the animals are happy and more visitors come to see them.

The rest you will discover as you do grow your zoo! Regards and care for your animals will thank you!

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