Developer: Bigpoint

Category: Simulation

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Enjoy the endless options of this game and create an airport as you wish. Make sure every play reaches its destination and get fun without limits.

Skyrama is one of the free online games that give you the opportunity to become the owner of an airport. At first you may only have a small terminal, so you will need to buy a plane to set things up. It is very important to maintain continuous all your aircraft, as well as give them a revision before every flight.

To improve your airport you will have at your disposal numerous objects, which will allow you to achieve and increase the number of passengers, which translates into more income for you. Landing trancks may allow more planes to land at your airport. The control tower will increase the number of travelers passing through your airport, so it will be necessary that you increase the number of terminals. Track all your flights worldwide and make sure they reach their destination.

Options to edit your airport at Skyrama are immense: you can buy all kinds of aircraft, capable of carrying passengers or any object around the world. As you level up you will gain access to bigger and better buildings. Build hotels, cafes, taxi sites, and other things around your airport to increase the hours of fun and gameplay.

Add other players to your list of friends or just play with people from around the world. There are many options to interact with Skyrama's community. Complete the goals in the game and get handsome rewards for them!

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