My Free Zoo

Developer: Upjers

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, animals, games for kids, My Free Zoo, MMO, the


Who did not like visiting the zoo? Well, now you can have yours and bring animals of all species in order to make other people happy.

There are many online games where you have to take charge of a nation, a planet or a football team, but My Free Zoo is a fun simulation game where you have to create your own zoo. With a huge number of animals and objects, you can design the park of your dreams and attract great number of visitors.

You can have animals like rabbits, pigs, goats, koalas, and even polar bears and panthers. In this simulation game you will find the most exotic species of the animal world. But each of these animal needs different care, so your job is to build adequate places where each of your creatures can live peacefully.

After the animals, the next most important thing is the visitors, which also need to be taken care of and get all the services to always feel comfortable. Building food and beverage points or souvenir shops, you'll make your visitors stay more pleasant, which will make them want to stay longer in the park and spend more money.

At the beginning of My Free Zoo you'll have just a small area to build your first pens, and a few food stalls, so that your work will begin with bringing animals to your park and build some shops to start attracting people. The more you play, the more you advance and get access to better items, new species of animals and best stores, which will get you more visitors per day.

Once things go well and more visitors arrive, you'll have to hire help and pleasantly enjoy your zoo, while the money goes straight into your pocket.

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