My Fantastic Park

Developer: Upjers

Category: Simulation

Tags: games, simulation, management, parks, attractions , strategy, My Fantastic Park, amusement park, young, fun, h, the


Build your own amusement park in the My Fantastic Park. In this simulation game you will find colorful detailed graphics and roller coasters, bumper cars and candy stalls will play the main role here.

In My Fantastic Park you will be the manager of an amusement park, of a place, where children and parents can enjoy their time together. You'll have to build the park, purchase and install attractions and other services for comfort of your visitors, like for example food stalls and paths for long walks. Your park must be also pleasurable for eyes, so do not forget on trees and decorative plants.

At the beginning you will have to build the park from scratch, so you need to clear the construction site: remove roots and stones, build the infrastructure... Once this is done, you can start with installation of your first attractions.

You start with building of two attractions and with expansion of other two. After completing this task, first visitors will arrive. Attractions are divided into three types: small, large and giant. All attractions are rated on the base of a fun factor. The more expensive, higher quality or size the attraction is the better is also the fun factor. This factor also depends on number of visits to your park, on awards you won and of course also on the appearance of your park. With Fun Factor Points you receive Park Dollars that you can invest back to your park and in experience points.

On the beginning you will have only small attractions like cans shooting, the hammer, the hall of distorting mirrors or puppet theater. But do not underestimate these basic attraction they will help you to start your business. Next you can get large attractions like roller coaster or bumper cars. When you become an advanced player with a high enough level, your reward will be giant attractions: innovative and impressive attractions that will allow you to distinguish from other players.

My Fantastic Park is an innovative game in this genre, as it moves away from usual farming and cities simulation games and lets you build and manage your own amusement park. Building your personal amusement park will for sure take out your own childhood memories.

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