Molehill Empire

Developer: Upjers

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, gardening, Molehill Empire, the, war


As the dwarf responsible for a beautiful garden, you must take care of planting, watering and harvesting. Collect all the fruits and vegetables and earn money by trading with other players.

There are different games that have to do with gardening, some of them are related to funny animals trying to harvest all kinds of special items, in others simply are people whose goal is to have as many crops as possible. But when we talk about garden it is very difficult not to think about those symbolic garden gnomes, and that is why Molehill Empire wanted to give them their place in this game. That's right! In the world of Molehill you will find hundreds of these fun creatures with colorful ceramic hats, who will gave you a great moments of fun.In Molehill Empire you must play the role of a garden gnome, with which you must lead your own squad of little gnomes. As a garden gnome, you can explore the world of Molehill Green, and enjoy working in the field, while you take charge of your own garden. Molehill Empire is a massively multiplayer strategy game. As it is an online game, you will not need to do any download or installation, so you can easily access your farm from the browser on any computer.

You could say that Molehill Empire is an economic simulation game, as your garden gnome will take over all decisions that take place in the garden of Molehill. As team leader, you can manage everything as you want, grow whatever you want, from flowers of all kinds, to various fruits and vegetables.Once you have planted the seeds, you should take care of all your crops, water them constantly seeking and harvest them on time. In the town of Valle Verde you can negotiate with other players of Molehill Empire and find everything you need.

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