Developer: Bright Future GmbH

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, fantasy, world, Miramagia, magician, sorcerers, MMO, multiplayer, farm, dr


Discover a fantastic world inhabited by all kind of incredible creatures. In this game you can have your own farm and harvest plants, learn powerful spells, and even have your own dragon.

Welcome to Miramagia! The wonderful and colorful world in which you will live amazing adventures surrounded of fun characters. Once you have chosen from one of the four available classes in the game -Druid, Chaman, Magician and Sorcerer- you will get your own farm, which you must take charge of. But this is not a normal farm. Here you can reap all kinds of magical objects. Depending on the character class you chose, you can enjoy great advantages such as the ability to cast spells or other magical powers.

The more you play on your Miramagia farm, the better crops you will obtain, regardless of sun, rain or snow, you can always get something from the land. Tubular Mushroom, Stone Truffle or Snapdragons are only some of the many plants that can grow in your magical farm. Use magic plants to get better results in everything you sow. Once you have listed your harvest, you can go to the Miramagia's market, where you will receive great benefits in return of your product.

Complete different missions proposed by visitors to the village, and get great prizes for that. Breed and feed your own dragon, which may become a powerful creature. Join the huge community of players from around the world and chat, work and play with them. You can also receive gifts or exchange decoration objects with other users of this online game and change the appearance of your cross.

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