Lady Popular

Developer: XS Software

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, beauty, Lady Popular, h, the, dr


Design your own virtual lady with the style you like best. Go shopping, rent an apartment, buy a pet, dance in the disco and find the man of your dreams.

The online game Lady Popular lets you create your virtual girl and get her ready with the style that you like. Choose hair, makeup and clothes for your character, and create your own style with all available options.Find an apartment to rent or buy one. Decorate it as you like with all different items that are for sale in the furniture store. Stop by the mall, and completely lose yourself among all the clothing stores there, where you can find all kinds of garments, such as sportswear, casual, evening dresses, among many others.

The possibilities of dressing your lady are almost endless, and in addition to clothing, you can buy many accessories, change her hair, give a tattoo, and even plastic surgery.Lady Popular world is immense in every way, and once you will get out of your apartment, you will find a lot of places to visit such as the supermarket, gym, office jobs, or the pet shop where you can buy your own pet, which need to be taken care of and give food.

After a lot of walking, the best way to relax is flirting and dancing for a while in the nightclub, maybe even going out with your other half. Compete with other girls from all over the world in different contests, as the beauty contest; the best dressed, the best apartment, and even a competition for the best pet. In the games section you will find, among many other, a variety of fun mini-games like Sudoku, puzzle.Do not forget to check out our simulation games section to discover other games you might like, for example Fliplife.

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