Kapi Hospital

Developer: Upjers

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, games in real time, Kapi Hospital, MMO


Take control of a hospital while attending funny characters with very rare diseases.

Your mission will be to build a hospital for all the Kapi's inhabitants. Kapi Hospital is one of the funniest online games. Enjoy taking care of the patients and prescribing treatments in this irreverently funny browser game while receiving great prizes. Collect as many of the available objects as possible, which will help you to cure the extrangest diseases in a shorter amount of time. The more you consent your patients, the greater the amount they will pay for your services, so you should always pay attention to what they ask for and attend them soon as possible.

With the money you gain, you can expand your hospital and buy better equipment, which will let you to take care of a greater number of patients more effectively.

Discover all the places in the extensive Toslandia map, the city in which Kapi Hospital is stablished. Here you can find anything you need. In the pharmacy, for example, you can buy medicines. The office will be your private place, which you may decorate as you want thanks to the various objects you can buy. From here you will have access to all the game stats, and you can also check your achievements and trophies, among other things.

Interact with all Kapi Hospital gamers around the world through the Town Hall, where you can see the world rankings, as well as the amount of points and treatments that your competitors have. You can also join a group an have fun playing with other players.

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