Developer: Fliplife GmbH

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, simulators , world, h, the, dr, fliplife


Live the life of your dreams and live with people all over the world in this virtual world full of options to do whatever you want.

Create your own Virtual you! Choose a face shape and hairstyle, and dive into the hilarious world of Fliplife. These online game offers you the chance to live the life you always wanted. To do this you will have an amazing virtual world filled with all kinds of options. As in real life, you need money to survive, and the best way to start is looking for a job. Choose from one of the various careers available, such as cooking, finance, medicine, and many others. Learn the art of the trade, where at first begin with basics, such as making coffee to your boss, and you can put up to and aspire to a better salary.
There are many ways to spend the money on Fliplife, where you can buy from a huge amount of clothing and accessories, and sporting goods, and even a house.
Relationships play an important role in Fliplife, and you can always find lots of interesting people to share and learn all kinds of things. The more time you spend with the people closest to you the mopper chances you have to this relationship from being a simple co-worker, to the best friend of your life.
As you gain more experience in the game you will face new and greater challenges, which will reward you greatly.
Become a successful entrepreneur and live the life you've always wanted in the fun world of Fliplife.

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