Developer: Bigpoint

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, fantasy, FantasyRama, magical creatures, plant, magical garden, h, the, online


Discover and enjoy magical gardens in the online game FantasyRama!

Come with us to visit magical world full of Elves and Fairies in the game FantasyRama. These mythical creatures need you, savior, the Tree of Life is ill and the magic is slowly fading... Come and plant the garden before the darkness comes and destroys everything!
In this game your goal is to farm magical plants and mushrooms and bred magical creatures to return the power to Tree of Life and save the magical world. Tens of mysterious plants seeds and bunch of mythical creatures wait for you. And if you will feel lost, Elves and Fairies will help you. And do not forget to use fairy dust and ambrosia to make your garden grow!

Play with your friends and share your gardens and trade your seeds on the market in the Fantasia city. Fulfill wishes of pixies and get deserved reward.

FantasyRama is world free of violence without any bloody scenes so you can invite here even youngest players without worries. Come and see this beautiful fantasy world yourself.

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