Bonga Online

Developer: INTENIUM GmbH

Category: Simulation

Tags: browser games, simulation, online games, h, the


Enter an island paradise, where you can create your own city s and help the bonguis, funny characters that live here. They need a place where they can live in peace.

Despite coming from different tribes, which were in constant wars, two friendly bonguis could not help falling in love. Due to the conflict between the two tribes, these bonguis lovers decided to escape with no clear direction, looking for a place where they could live in peace, without the pressures of the different tribes. Bringing by the waves, now this bonguis couple is in the exotic Bonga Island, where they want to build a home and enjoy their love for the rest of their lives.

Bonga Online is a fun online game where you must take on the role of a spirit and help those nice bonguis in its mission to design a suitable place to stay. As a spirit, you can not always control what bonguis do as they will do as they see fits. Gathering the different resources on the island, these bonguis may build different houses, as well as improving the existing ones. With the help of energy, they may increase the speed at which they work and get results in no time, but be careful, because once you spend all your Energy, you must wait a while for it to recharge.

As you progress through the game and build different buildings, you will receive experience points, with which you can increase your level and aspire to great rewards as well as more energy for your bonguis. Pay attention to your bonguis' rate of smoothies and always feed them, otherwise, your performance will affect the production. Thanks to an object that measures the happiness of your Bongui, you can always know when you are in a good mood or if they are sad, You must try to keep their happiness as high as possible!

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