Developer: Crytek UK Ltd

Category: Shooting

Tags: downloadable games, shooting games, war, shooter, warface, x


Experience war like never before with this first person shooter, where you go through landscapes of incredible graphic quality, as you take on exciting action-packed challenges.

The producer of Frankfurt, Crytek, makes its debut in the world of online gaming with this impressive war title. Known for titles like Crysis or Farcry, Crytek decided to start building the game from scratch, resulting in a masterpiece to match any war game that exists today. Once you start playing Warface, immediately you will notice the effort you have to put into this game that has extensive scenarios and premium graphics.
In this online game you will take the role of a brave soldier in the army of Warface facing the powerful group of Blackwood, who scattered around the world, trying to seize energy resources left on the planet. There's no choice but war, and luckily you can fight with five other soldiers. The combat team is in Warface something very important, and we take great advantage if we organize with our partners, because the enemies always outnumber us.
In PvP (player vs. player) find different game modes where you fight in battles full of action. Also you can join other players, and even create clans and recruit your own armed group of friends.
Recruit the best men and prepare for the most explosive battles.

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