Developer: Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. and Weezor Inc.

Category: Shooting

Tags: downloadable games, shooting games, fantasy, world, the, dr, x


In a colorful world full of fun, hundreds of toys face intense battles. Create your own toy soldier and get ready for an incredible experience alongside these fun characters.

MicroVolts is a fun third person shooting game that will take you to the wonderful Micro World. In this online game, a major battle is being planned in the secret world of toys, of course all hidden from the sight of humans. Rumors throughout World Micro claim that this great problem, which could result in a great battle, has been caused by the four special limited edition toys. Due to the large number of modified versions of these toys, battery demand has increased greatly, which has created a great battle for this resource.

These four characters have been manufactured with different skills that makes them different from the rest, wrist Naomi, disguised under her innocent appearance, is able to deceive their opponents using their feminine powers, however when the battle becomes a fierce warrior; Knox is a nice action figure who loves hip hop and melee fighting, Pandora is a bold articulated doll that can attract any opponent to its network of tampering, CHIP is a robot designed with different pieces found in a junkyard, programmed to perform different functions on the battlefield.

Once you've chosen and customized to your toy, it's time to select a world to explore and deliver all types of intense battles. Discover all existing game modes in MicroVolts, in which you can participate individually or team up with other toys.

In this downloadable game you will find a large quantity of weapons and accessories to equip your character with.

See what happens when toys are removed from the sight of humans, and enjoy great battles with these peculiar beings.

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