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As the ancient prophecy announced, a portal to Hell has been opened, and with it the arrival of hundreds of demons that will try to stop humans from Earth.

The action game, Hellgate Global, takes you on a trip to a near future in which humanity has had to escape into the depths of an almost destroyed Earth, as an old prophecy presaged the appearance of a portal to another world. Refugees all along the subway system in London, must face dangerous demons from the darkest recesses of hell.

In Hellgate Global there are three different factions, as well as six different classes available to choose from. The three factions of the game available for download are: The Templars, a legendary army of warriors ready to fight against any enemy. The Kabbalists, a group of sorcerers who mastered dark magic over the years, as well as the third group, formed by hunters, highly disciplined and trained beings under the strict rules of the militia.

Once you have selected the group you are ready to face the evil demons that haunt the different areas of the planet. Besides this, you have to complete various missions in this game online, which will reward you with experience points, with which you can unlock new abilities and powers that will make your character stronger.

Decide how you will face this challenge, whether you want to face these demons on your own or with the help of your computer, which can be along with many other Global Hellgate players around the world.

The fate of humanity is at stake, and you have to use all your strength to get rid of these demons and to return back to the Earth's surface.

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