Developer: Meteor Entertainment, Inc

Category: Shooting

Tags: downloadable games, shooting games, future, mech, the, x, war


Robots are the major combatants in future wars. As the pilot of one of these mechanical monsters, you must play your part on the most explosive battles and fight to survive.

In a not too distant future, mankind was given the task of exploring beyond the Earth, traveling to outer space in search of new planets to conquer. Set in a world overrun by chaos, Hawken will put you amid the great battle for the last resources of a world that, having collapsed by rapid industrialization, seems to live its final days.

To combat this fierce war for resources, you'll have your own "Mech" or combat robot, one of the greatest technological achievements in the history of mankind. Take command of your powerful robot and experience the most amazing battles ever seen, in which you can fight with other players and test your skills. Your "Mech" not only can move at high speed on different types of terrain, but is also able to fly temporarily and eliminate any target with its powerful arms, which are designed to release bursts of gunfire and long-range missiles. Hawken also allows you to create your own "Mech" and equip it with weapons fitted to your combat style.

Explore the amazing world of 3D illal, a place ravaged by endless battles, and discover all sorts of amazing places where you can fight.

The world may look broken and near its end, but the battles on this site have never been so alive.

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