Wizard 101

Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

Category: RPG

Tags: downloadable games, role-playing games, fantasy, world, Wizard101, MMO, MMORPG, the


Registrations for the great school of magicians Magoburgo are open! As a student of magic, you will live great adventures in this fantastic world while you collect different special cards.

The evil Malistaire Drake, a former professor at the school of magic arts Cuervosoto has decided to summon the most malevolent spirits and have cause panic in all worlds. Meanwhile, Merlo Ambrosio, together with the Convent of the School of Magic arts Arts, is determined to prevent Drake Malistaire to achieve its goals. For this purpouse, he is recruiting new students who want to learn the magic to do good, and creating an army to keep peace in the universe.

There are a total of seven schools of magic around Magoburgo, each of these specialized in different techniques and spells, as well as different characteristics that differentiate them from the rest. Existing schools in Wizard 101 are: School of the storm, fire school, school of life, school of mythology, death school, school of harmony and Ice School.

There is a huge amount of cards to collect, each one of them with different kind of spells, such as the different types of magic that exists in the world. As you progress through this online game, you will receive new and more powerful letters to gather your own deck with spells to create the best combination for different situations.

Over time your character will grow bigger and more powerful, allowing you to go out and explore new lands, where you will find new challenges and dangerous creatures, which will give you great rewards once you defeat them. Minigames are also another way to win prizes such as Mana points.

Prepare your best spells 'cause Wizard101 is about to begin.

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