The West

Developer: InnoGames GmbH

Category: RPG

Tags: browser games, RPG, wild west, The West, duel, guns, MMO, Online, bandits


The Wild West is always a dangerous place, and you must decide from which side will you fight against the hardest guys.

Start by creating your character choosing from the multiple options The West offers you. You can choose the physical characteristics that your character (color, type of eyes, nose, mouth, accesories...) as well as the type of personality that he/she will show. This will influence his capabilities and will make him stand out in certain areas more than in others. You can also modify and improve its accessories, choosing from a wide variety of clothing, weapons and even horses. Also, you can buy some recipes that will make your character learn different skills.

The West is one of those online games where you can find a wide variety of jobs to perform, giving you the chance to win money in addition of experience, so you can buy skills that will make easier certain tasks, such as building, negotiation and to improve the chances of winning out when disputing a duel. Some of these works consist of activities ranging from cleaning a stable to ending up with someone who have caused problems.

An important part of the game are the duels, where you can challenge an extensive amount of Outlaws and obtaining valuable prizes. For this you will need to improve your character, because you will face the most skilled rivals! Compete against players from all around the world finding them through The West's map. Challenge them to one on one duels and compare their stats and achievements to show who is in charge. Rembember that people of the Wild West is not very friendly so you must be ready for anything!

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