The Secret World

Developer: Funcom

Category: RPG

Tags: games, mmo, mmorpg, urban tribes, ancient, secret societies, Dragon, Illuminati, Templars, personalization, options, The Secret World


Just imagine if every myth, theory of conspiracy or legend about secret societies was nothing else but true. Imagine a fantastic world where you can join such society. This is The Secret World, MMO game set into today’s modern era.

In this multiplayer game developed by Funcom you have no limitations on developing your character. You are not forced to choose profession or class, its only up to you what skills or powers you decide to master. There is also nothing like strict line of story. Its again only up to you if you decide yourself to accomplish missions or to do some other tasks for your society and in return get access to new weapons, armors or secrets.

But there is one binding choice you got to make on start – to choose the society to which you want to belong.

"Dragon" is a society of Asian origin that bases its philosophy on the “Art of chaos”. They don’t have territories or a fixed structure. Members of Dragon believe that excessive control of society leads to its destruction and that only through collapse and rebuilding the world will achieve harmony. They know and understand martial arts, mind control and they are completely unpredictable.

The society of "Illuminati" is intended to achieve a new world order under the slogan " Sex, Drugs and Rockefeller". Based in America, the philosophy of this group is the concentration of economic power, glitz and the manipulation of information and politics. Their ambitions have no limits and they are able to give you everything you can imagine, but they won’t hesitate to destroy you if you fail.

The religious organization of "Templars", European originated, seeks the destruction of evil in all of its kinds. As good soldiers they do not forget nor forgive and their anger will lead them to fight without mercy until the end. They have the knowledge of ancient sorcerers and priests and infinite loyalty of their members.

With great customization options for characters, The Secret World allows you to choose your appearance, weapons and powers. Decide your side and fight against the demons in an innovative RPG that will not disappoint you.

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