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Huge fantasy world, many different environments from deserts to jungles, hundreds of monsters, functional politics, powerful magic and fights you never have seen before. Thats TERA - a free to play living MMORPG WORLD.

TERA is typical representative of MMORPG genre with all ingredients like quests, monsters, dungeons, fantastical races, classes etc... What makes it to step out of the line is authors dedication to detail and does not matter what piece of the “mixture” you look at.

Races of TERA:

Aman – dragon-like humanoids, strong warriors, value their freedom above everything.

Baraka – guardians of knowledge, teachers of others, master-enchanters.

Castanic – warriors, merchants, artisans and skilled assassins (do not let them get to you from behind).

High Elves – known for their xenophobia but also for their powerful magical abilities.

Humans – proud and honorable nomadic folk recognized for their great fighters.

Popori – protectors of nature of animal look with special “animal abilities”.

Elin – do not underestimate them for their cute look, they are powerful sorcerers.

Classes of TERA:

Warriors – fast twin blades fighters with powerful combos.

Lancers – the “wall”. With their armor and shields they can hold almost any foe.

Berserkers – battleaxes wielders known for their devastating attacks.

Sorcerers – able to deal BIG damage on distance.

Slayers – wielders of big two handed swords, not so well armored like lancers or berserkers.

Archers – the precise death from afar.

Priests - “field medics” of TERA with many divine powers.

Mystics – powerful magicians, can both heal and attack and call elemental guardians for help.

The battle system of TERA is both effective and efficient and graphically there is not much other games where fights look so nice (especially combos). Good thing is also these marks above NPC heads, you always know if there is quest or any other action available.

Check out our latest video review here:

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