Star Wars: The Old Republic

Developer: Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd

Category: RPG

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Transform yourself into the hero of your own story in this new episode of the Star Wars saga, where you will travel back, when the war between the Republic and the Sith Empire divided the galaxy.

In this new episode of the Star Wars saga, you'll discover some of the origins of this incredible story. And as before the rebellion created by Darth Vader and the destruction of the first Death Star, there was a war unlike any other in history.

The way in which the Sith, after centuries of planning, attacked their lifelong enemies, the Jedi. In that battle millions of soldiers were killed. After the Great War, the galaxy was completely torn between these two forces, while tension will remain forever.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game for download, in addition to an incredibly deep history, offers incredible quality images, combined with first-class voices, which will make you feel like a movie.The first thing you should do in this game online, is choosing the path that you will follow along this adventure, either as part of the Republic or the Sith Empire. There are different classes in each of the two factions, and each of them with four different types, as Sith Warrior, Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent, and Smuggler, among others.

Once your character is ready, you'll be introduced to the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic, where you'll find a lot of planets with incredible scenery in the style of the series. You can also have your own spaceship and fight on its board at high speed. But you can fight not only on board a ship, but as well you can fight on the earth with the different weapons available, like of course the lightsabers.

Join other groups and explore the large map in the company of other soldiers, who will fight at your side whenever necessary.

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